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Help stop the overbuilding and the elimination of affordable housing!

Dear Zoning Administrator, Charles J. Rausch, Jr.:

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Please share this with your neighbors:


You have reached this website because you received a flyer from neighbors who are working to make everyone, within a 500-foot radius of the project, aware of the detrimental impact these variances will have on their lives and neighborhood forever. We have only until October 24 to act! Click Read More to sign the petition now! Every adult should sign this petition, regardless if the address is the same. All that is needed is a different email address. Thank you!

Following is a brief outline/history of why this petition is critical. You may read and edit the petition as you wish; simply click on the “Read or Edit Petition” button. Once submitted/signed, a copy of the petition will go to the Associate Zoning Administrator (i.e., Charles Rausch, Jr.) in Los Angeles and this website. Copies sent to this website will be resent to the Associate Zoning Administrator on the 21st to ensure that they were received. You will not be contacted by unless you fill out the Contact Form on the Contact Page. Our hope is that you fill out the Contact Form so we may provide you with updates.

Why a Petition?

Our understanding is that investors (many out-of-state) are looking to purchase and tear down the apartment buildings along Venice Blvd.; thereby, removing affordable housing. Currently, on the north side of Venice Blvd. between Sawtelle and Butler Avenues, there are more neighbors being evicted and more apartment buildings to be torn down to make way for an “elder care” facility over 4 stories high.  The Utah company is asking for several variances (i.e., exceptions) to city code. A public hearing was held on Thursday, December 6, 2018 and was postponed so the builder would work with the community–this has not happened! Neighbors only found out about the hearing shortly after Thanksgiving and only due to the city’s public hearing notice. There has been no direct communication from the Utah company to the neighborhood about this project–EVEN DURING THE POSTPONEMENT!

The Public Hearing was held regarding these variance (Case No. ZA-2018-1586-ELD-SPR). Judgement was postponed for the builder to work with the community–which he has not done! We need your help! Please sign our petition!

The out-of-state company variances include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 89% increase in allowable density (more units/people)
  • 67% decrease in rear setback (closer to homes)
  • 16% increase in allowable FAR (building area)
  • Retaining wall – potentially dangerous and extreme height
  • Only 40 tandem parking spaces for 85 units and administration, nurses, doctors, caregivers, janitors, etc.
  • Venice Blvd. loading zone w/ Valet parking (lost parking on Venice and in surrounding neighborhood)
  • $5,000 Base Rate per month, per elder (can increase depending on their determination of care needed). This is more than a 70% increase of the monthly per capita for 90066 (this elder care is not being built for our neighborhood) was established the day after the public hearing in an effort to provide a more efficient and expedicious way (than door-to-door flyers) for the neighborhood to have their voices heard, to communicate with one another, and to stop the variances (Case No. ZA-2018-1586-ELD-SPR).

The City is not required to, and should not, approve this application which is in conflict with numerous city codes designed to protect neighborhoods and residents, and especially because it is demonstrated that its fulfillment will unreasonably diminish the quality of life in the neighborhood. Any development should enhance residents’ lives, not merely the developer’s wallet. This one falls far short. 

Please help by Signing the Petition!

Thank you, neighbor!